Sunday coding fun: Blunderbuss


I took a break from doing my taxes this afternoon to scratch an itch. I call it Blunderbuss.

Now that I'm blogging again, I'm of course promoting my writing on various social media. Like a good data geek, I get feedback from Google Analytics about the traffic I'm getting, including referral source. To track how any individual outlet, paid or organic, leads to traffic growth, Google Analytics offers custom campaign tagging, the ubiquitous utm_FOO query string parameters you see on links around the web.

However, manually composing those links sucks, especially repetitively for subsequent blog posts. And if (like me) you use a link shortener like to generate shortened links, it's twice as laborious.

Enter Blunderbuss.

You log in using your account. You define permutations of Google Analytics campaign variables. Then, for any link you submit into the system, it will generate the shortened links for you with your specified campaign variables in the querystring. It even tracks your history so you can continue to use those links in the future.

Check it out. Let me know what you think.

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