About Me

Andalucía - Summer 2010My name is Joshua Ginsberg, often better known as jag or j00bar. I'm a software and systems architect, specializing in all things Python, Django, and Linux. I'm presently the Chief Architect for Red Hat's Cloud Services Platform. In the past, I was Chief Architect for Ansible (which is part of Red Hat's management portfolio), and I've served as Senior Systems Administrator at the Free Software Foundation.

I live in Asheville, North Carolina. I'm originally from Texas, a graduate of Rice University, and an adoptee of western Colorado. I've also previously lived in Boston and northern Virginia.

I pursue possibility and opportunity in my life, even at the expense of predictability. I cook delicious food, I enjoy photography as an art, and I love my dogs. Bourbon whiskey is my drink of choice.

What I do for a living

I'm a systems and software architect, and I work primarily with Python, Django, and Linux in the cloud. I help software engineers write software that runs better on systems. I help ops teams design and configure systems that run software better. I design and configure platform technologies that create leverage within organziations, so other engineers can solve their own problems faster. I enjoy building, leading, and mentoring teams of motivated and professional software engineers. I give thoughtful talks on technology, teams, and culture. I contribute to open source software.

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Contact Information

  • +16174125666 - I am on the eastern seaboard of the United States, so please be mindful of time zones and waking hours.
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SSH Keyring

If you require my SSH key, please use the following:

ssh-dss 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 jag